Siva’s victory over Andhakasura

Mahakaleshwar slays Andhakasur

Mahakaleshwar slays Andhakasur

Lord Brahma also narrated the account of another Demon Andhakasura to Narada. When Devi Parvati was playful with Maha Deva by closing His eyes tightly, the latter perspired on His forehead and a boy of muscular strength was created whom Parvati named as Andhaka. She nurtured the boy with affection under Her personal care. As the Demon Hiranyaksha meditated for several years to seek longevity and unconquerability, Lord Siva gave the boons and also gifted Andhaka to assist the Demon as his son. Together, both Hiranaksha and Andhaka conquered the Three Worlds- the Heaven, Earth and the Nether world. Lord Vishnu had to take the form of a Boar as ‘Varahavatara’ to save Vedas by plunging the Scriptures into the deep Seas, destroyed Hiranyaksha and crowned Andhaka as a the King of the Nether World. In course of time, Andhaka made Tapasya to Brahma and secured a boon that none excepting his father Siva could destroy him. Empowered with the boon, he tormented Devas and became arrogant even ignoring Devi Parvati and Maha Deva Himself, let alone Vedas and Sages.

Earlier to this, Danava Guru, Sukracharya noticed that the strength of Danava Army was fast dwindling as each time a powerful Danava made attempts to occupy the Indraloka by virtue of severe ‘Tapasya’or Sacrifice by pleasing Brahma or Siva, Indra and Vishnu commenced maneuverings; in the process of the big Danavas getting killed, thousands of supporting and less powerful Danavas perished, but the strength of Devas on the other hand had been intact as they had the advantage of ‘Amrit’ that made Devas live for ever! Therefore Sukracharya made exterme Tapasya to Lord Siva for thousand years to Lord Siva to give the boon of ‘Mrita Sanjivani’ Mantra (Providing the dead to come alive) to such lesser valued demons who were fodder to the Deva’s Astras. Highly gladdened by the persistent penance, Lord Siva not only gave away the Mantra but also provided a berth in the Planetary Region as an Entity-the Sukra Graha or the Planet of Venus.As Andhaka’s arrogance was turned into unbridled ambition and occupied the Devalokas, Maha Deva sent His Sivaganas to reprimand Andhaka. The Demon’s companion called Vidhas swallowed several Deities engaged in the fight and simultaneously Sukracharya brought back to life the dead Danavas. A fiery Siva Himself appeared and devoured Sukracharya for the betrayal and misuse of His boon of Mrita Sanjivini Vidya. The Danava Guru who kept on reciting Om Namah Sivaya Mantra as a gesture of his regret, Siva released the Danava Guru from His semen. Then Siva applied His Trident to kill Andhaka but for each drop of blood, there was another Andhaka born; Maha Deva ordered Devi Chandika to suck each drop of blood and expanded her tongue for till the Demon’s body was drenched out of blood. Later on Siva lifted the bloodless body of Andhaka, but the Demon prayed to Siva to admit him among the Sivaganas after death.

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