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We are on a Mission. The most precious gift you can give us is a little bit of your time. If you would like to help, you have come to the right place.

Write articles About Temples. Stories that your Grandma told you. Become an Editor. Translate stories into a language you love.
Donate Photos Click photos. Send them to us. Create digital artwork. Create headers (970 × 225 pixels). Make Illustrations for articles. Record Music and Videos.
What and How ? See Guidelines for Writers, Technical Help and Requested Content.
Next Step ? Contribute your articles or photos right now. Alternatively, Email us the content.
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Donate Donate directly to shortlisted worthy not-for-profit organizations. We do not seek or accept money for ourselves. 
Sponsor an author or artist Sponsor development of content for – Select an author or artist from your neighbourhood and pay the person directly. This helps to get original content, and helps people produce content for Lord while rewarding them financially.
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