Shri Ganapati and Murugan Temple,Goa

Shri Ganapati and Murugan Temple is  situated five miles  from   the  commercial town  of Margao and stands  at  the unobtrusive spot in  Rawanfond . This temple was    inaugurated on   8th February 1971,  . From a mere  thatched  shelter ,it has  grown into a sprawling  temple  complex. This  unique  place  of worship  attracts hundreds of devotees around Goa and outside Goa .The simple  faith of  people has attributed immeasurable miracles to the  twin  deities and  the  speedy  growth  of the  temple is a testimony  to this  attribution. 

The Ganapati and Murugan Temple also known as  houses of “Navgraha” Temple , the only one of its kind in Goa. The temple  is the only one which is built up  in Goa . The credit for creating this centre of light, force soulful inspiration and cultural integration goes to Smt. Annapoorni Aiyar (Amma) .The Ganapati-Murugan Temple, a centre of solace and spiritual sustenance to the people of Goa today is a strange and  welcome meeting point of Southern India  and  Goa.   

Ganesha of Divine wisdom, always the first to be  worshipped, the remover of obstacles,  the scribe of  the Mahabharata is the patron deity  of Goa and Maharashtra . Murugan, popularly known as  Karthikeya, Kumara, Skanda  or Subramanya, the “War-God” of the Divine Warrier, conqueror of evil  is the patron  deity  of the  Tamils form an ancient times. Ganpati and Murugan are the  sons of Lord Shankar and Parvati .

 Smt. Annapoorni Aiyar (Amma) , this Frail old Lady of 88 concealed an immense reservoir of energy, Zeal, Strength and drive. Her inspiring life  of sacrifice and service in Goa goes back  85 years when she arrived here with her husband  who was in the mining business. Smt. Annapoorni Aiyar (Amma) constantly medicated on Murgan her “Ishta Devata” or the form she adored the lord in.  She prayed  to him for endurance and courage  in  her troubled times.  In a vision , he directed  her to produce “Vibhuti” or ash  from Kumaraswami Temple of Sandur District in Karnataka , which is reputed to be processing  miraculous and curative powers to people who may be suffering. Smt. Annapoorni Aiyar (Amma) has faces many problems  in life, it was her a period  of test only to reinforce her faith. She was the  only  sole earning member of  the  family asa amid-wfe and the strange vocation of dispensing the miraculous  vibhuti to the sick and needy ones. 

With no concern for her own comfort or even the well-being of her  own family, she sought to alleviate the discomforts of pilgrims at Damodar Temple, Zambaulim and Chandreshwar Bhootnath Temple, Paroda. She took  upon herself the task of carrying the precious and most essential commodity to travellers, water over several yards to hundreds of pilgrims. It was this self chosen discipline which made her well known in South Goa and gave her the acquaintance she would subsequently drawn upon for her temple project. 

She was distraught as per promised done to her “Ishta Devata- Murugan” that she could not offer back the share of money to his beloved Murugan for whom she  consider as equal partner in all travails and comforts of life. It was then about  fifty years back when she has a dream where her chosen Master  Murugan appeared  before her and  asked her to raised the temple in his name.  She was indeed mystified , that  “Was her Murugan playing a cruel game? When she has not enough for herself nor even have  a shelter  for her and her family too. And how could she ask for a temple which would cost her so much money?” Then she  went to Damodar Temple, Zambalim for “Prasad” or spirtual sanction and was surprised to encounter a positive answer. 

Amma faith and so much efforts to the Lord himself and strengthen then remarkable power  that she   attritbutes the great complex  that stands today . She managed to purchase a small piece of Land at Rawanfond. By carrying a Umbrella and bag and of course the presence of the lord with her , she walked house to houses, streets, towns like a true Karma Yogi – one who surrender the fruits of his work to the Lord . After lotsm of her efforts finally her dreams come true, the temple was inaugurated on   8th February 1971 . She has  felt that atleast  she repaid  for what she was chosen for   by  Murugan and his brother Ganapti. 

Later , Smt. Annapoorni Aiyar (Amma), has  Indian traditional embarked the completing of temple Shankara -parvati temple. The Shiv-Shakti ,Purush-Prakatti theme  is the fundamrentels creation priciple of the Hindu faith. 

The people of Goa as well   part  of India are together celebrating festivals or  participating in various events  by visiting the  Shri Ganapati and Murugan Temple . 

By Late: MS. Lata Iyer

Aurobindo Ashram

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