Madanathshvara Temple, Madhur

  This three-storied temple is the rarest and the most wonderful temple created in the coastal Kerala style architecture, with sloping roofs, gajaprstha garbha-grha and a perfect ambience, located on the banks of Madhuvahini River.

Mahadeva Temple, Itagi

This temple created by a mere general of the Chalukyan king is the most wonderful monumental & wonderful achievement of Karnata Dravida tradition created by the Chalukyas. The sheer scale is unimaginable in other Chalukyan temples.

Hoysaleswara Temple, Halebidu

The greatest of all Hoysala temples ever built, this dvikuta contains perhaps the largest gallery of Hindu gods in any temple anywhere on earth. The series of friezes on jagati  and then the gods panel is the most wonderful achievement. 

Baijnath, Kangra

The light of Sanatana dharma reached every corner of Bharatavarsa taking its darsana of life and art everywhere. This temple, remote in the mountains of Kangra, with the backdrop of Dhauladhara is a perfect example of Nagara, latina idiom.

Kailash Temple, Ellora

Perhaps the greatest wonder in rock-cut temples anywhere in the world, this stupendous achivement of Hindu skill, divine grace and Hindu society resulted in this two-storeyed wonder with thousands of sculptures, all rock-cut.