Donate directly to an organization that appeals to you.
  • Endowed gifts are invested in perpetuity with a portion of earnings spent on the intended program.
  • Term gifts are spent in their entirety on the intended program over an agreed-to period of time.
  • You are encouraged to donate directly to an organization of your choice
Some ideas to get you started with Donations..
  • Donate directly to worthy not-for-profit organizations. Links to their websites are published on the above page. Donate directly to the organization that appeals to you.
  • Donate to worthy Lord Shiva projects supported by a Temple of your choice.
  • Sponsor Printing and Distribution of free books and DVDs, derived from the content on published – Get the books printed by your printers, and distributed at local schools.
  • Sponsor Vedic Education projects by a Trust of your choice.
  • Sponsor a child through his journey in a Vedic School with regular stipends during the study. To attract more students, one donor suggests making a lumpsum corpus payment to meritorious students and their parents on completion of the course, with additional basic courses to make the person competitive in the real world, and giving say a laptop with a 3-year internet connection.
  • Sponsor payments to writers and photographers to develop content about, say, a few temples that you visited with your grand mother in her memory, or developing authentic stories with details.
  • Sponsor payments to a group of artists to professionally develop bhajans, artis, and shlokas in a particular style that appeals to you, but in professional studios with professional video direction and editing, for free distribution.

Donor Recognition
We provide many opportunities for donors to express their commitment to our work, or to honor a friend or family member through a named or endowed gift. Named gift opportunities are available. This is applicable for all endowed and term gifts.

In addition to donations, you can Volunteer your time.