Ananda Lahari

Stanzas :

1. Shiva the ‘sthaanu’ and Shakti the energiser;

2.Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva manifested from Her foot dust as responsible for Srishti-Sthiti-Samhara;

3. Ignorance and Poverty in Samsara;

4.Abhaya and Loka Raksha;

5. Manmadha the symbol of material desires;

6. Maha Shakti encourages Manmadha to maintain universal balance;

7) Maya Prakriti Herself assumes an outstanding physical form and charm;

8) Her abode in Mani Dveepa;

9) Reaching Bhagavati Maya is possible by crossing six steps represented by six chakras/wheels viz. muladhara the earth-svaadhishthana the water-manipoora the fire-anahata the air- vishuddha the sky-and aagjna the manas or mind. These chakras be crossed by a saadhaka by yoga maarga: i. Moolaadhara the Bhuloka is administered by Brahma-ii. Svadhishtana the Bhuvarloka of water is administered by Narayana- iii. Manipoora the Suvarloka of Agni is administered by Rudra Deva- iv. Anaahata the Janarloka of Vayu is administered by Maheswara-v. Vishuddha the Maharloka of Aakaasha is administered by Sadashiva and vi. Agjna chakra the Tapoloka of ‘Manas’ is controlled by Parama Shiva.

10) Reaching Sahasraara Chakra of three serpentine circles and of the use of 72 nadis of Human body

11) Shiva related ‘chatush konas’ and Shakti related ‘pancha konas’ totalling 44 konas of Shri Shakra headed by Bhagavati.

12) Bhagavati! Your beauty and grace are unparalleled asTri Murti Devis, Devata Strees and Great Poets are unable to fathom and yearn to imagine the bliss of reaching Shiva.

13) Be he an aged, disabled, or even a eunuch would get ensnared by your side glances!

14) Your Lotus feet are surfiet with as many as 360 rays of radiance from foot to head through shat chakras ftom mulaadhara and there beyond to sahsraara.

15) Illumined with ‘Sharatcchandra’ as ornamented on your ‘jataajuta kireeta’, your four celestial hands present ‘abhaya’ and ‘vara’ mudras besides aksha mala and a book, gifting the sweetest voice ever to your devotees!

16) Any poet of outstanding ability immersed in devotion to you would be granted by you with ‘Sarasvati kataaksha’.

17) Vashinyaadi Devatas having been blessed by Sarasvati seek to reach up beyond for you!

18) Would your body radiance beyond that of Surya not mistify Apsarasaas!

19) With Bindu as your face to ‘K’ kaara sign as your breasts downward of the alpabets likened to your glorious body limbs are so studied and meditated upon by your sadhakas that they are submerged in blissful joy!

20) The cool and enchanting moonshine emanting from the disease- ridden bodies of your devotees would give shocks and surprises just as Garuda deva to several serpents seeking to hit and poison their bodies.

21) Avidya is like the mud path to a lotus of beauty; the sahasraara scintillating with the splendour of combined ‘Suryachandaagnis’ is a flash of lasting ligtning and that is what Mahatmas s eek along with Parameshwara!

22) Bhavani! Cast on me, your minion, your sidelong glance of compassion to grant me saayujya in which to become one with you!

23) Veneration of the genderless profile of ‘Ardha Naarishwara’ is principally of Parameshwara occupying the right half and of Bhagavati His left half. Shiva being a Linga and Amba entwining around him in the form of a serpent.

24) Tri Murtis featuring Your ‘trigunas’ of Satva-Rajasika- Tamasika characteristics are at your feet, awaiting your instant instructions.

25) At the Great Dissolution, when Brahma-Vishnu-Yama-Kubera-Indra- all celestial entities perished, Shiva remains sporting with ‘Sati’who sacrificed her ‘bhouthika shareera’ as She is eternal Soumangala the glorious ‘Paativrata’ and Chastity.

26) You are thus the Pancha Kritya Paraayana or the Practitioner of Five Sacred Deeds! At the Maha Pralaya or the Great Annihilation, Brahma succumbs to ‘Panchatva praapti’-Vishnu attains Amaratva too- Yama Dhama Raja disappears for good, Kubera-Mahendraaadi Devas and Fourteen Manu Devatas too enter the final state of Maha Nidra.

27. True joy is Atma Jnana as earned as a result of a long chain of variables starting from polite voice backed by knowledge , clean mind, strong will, meditation, good memory, aspiration, vital energy, truthfulness, thinking capacity and mental sharpness, faith, determination, and nishkama karma!

28. As ‘halahala kaalakuta’ emerged at the time of ‘Amrita Mathana’, even the lives of Brahma, Indra and Devas along with all the Beings in the Srishti were at stake. Shiva is distinguished as Bhagavati’s karna abharana stuck to His body. As He gulped the poison to save the rest, he retained in his throat and became ‘Neelagreeva’; as He defied death be became Mrityunjaya.

29) Exciting anticipation of union with Paramashiva, Bhagavati was least bothered of giving her audience to Brhama, Vishnu- Indraadis awaiting long for her audience!

30) Janani! defying the the luminosity of Surya Chandras, the symbolic Feet of yours generate countless Shakti Swarupas such as Ashta Siddhis, Ashta Maatrikas, Dasha Mudras, Shodasha Aakarshanas, Ashta Dalas, Chaturdashaa Saadhanas .

31) Pashupati is the manifestation of all Bhuvanaas and their 64 tantras along with fulfilment of ‘Dharmaartha Kaama Mokshas’.

32) Towards the fulfillment of the totality of ‘Purushaardhaas’, SHIVA SHAKTI devised Shiva-Shakti-Kaama-and Kshiti models.

33) Devi Upasana is purely to attain the Bliss of Shivaikyata and never yield to tempations of Kaamya the Make – Beliefs!

34) Purusha the Reality is the support of Life and Pakriti the cause of cosmos. Prakriti/ Nature in place of Fundamental Reality acquires importance because of her being a functional entity albeit as a facade . Thus importance is given to 24 tatvas such as the Pancha Bhutas / Five Elements, Five tanmaatras, five sense organs of Jeevatma .

35) Devi! You are beyond Manas, Pancha Bhutas of Prithvi-Aapas-Tejas-Vayu-Akasha and of course Surya and Chandra too. You are not only the Vishva Swarupa but the ‘Chit Shakti’ that truly kindles the Ananda Bhiravaakara of the Sthaanu Rupa Parameshwara ! Thus from Manastatva and The Elements, you are the Prime Form of Karta- Karma- and Kriya!

36) How the couple of Amba and Shiva are placed in the KUNDALINI CHAKRAS in which Amba resides as the Tatvas from Manas to Prithvi – ie from Agjnaachakra to Muladhara. Each chakra has a name, function and quality. But each has supreme compassion in common.

37) Maha Devi! May I pray and worship the vishuddhi chakra as you reside in it and manifest the magnificent ‘aakaash’ out of sheer inspiration and encouragement of the Sthaanu Swarupa Maha Deva as visible in the Form of a sparkling and ever pure Sphatika Linga.

38) This is about the description of Anaahata Chakra. The reference is about the ‘Hamsa dvanda’/ swan couples. The normal Japa of Saddhakas is : Hamsah soham, Hamsah soham / Another reference of the Manasarovara signifying Shiva Shakti Union resulted in the emergence of Veda Vedangaadi Ashtaadasha Vidyas!

39) May I pray your glory as the resident of ‘Svaadhishthana’ chakra of ‘Agni Tatva’ in which fierce Pralaya Kaala Rudra Deva spews ‘Srishti dahana Shakti / the Power of Universal destruction and then after cooling down gradually with the ‘Jala tatva’, resume the activity and assume pro active energy of fresh creativity!

40) May I prostrate before your symbolic appeatrance as a Lightning amid the dark clouds on the Sky at ‘svaadhishthaana chakra’ where Sada Shiva too resides besides you too. The Lighning emeging from the glitter of Indra Dhanush is of the sacred union of Agni- Surya -Vaayu and Jala as the Timiraharini, who indeed is yourself!

41) You appear to get excited when you are in the Moolaadhara and perform ‘maha tandava nritya’ with Maha Tandava Murti Nata Raja Parama Shiva. As this Basic Chakra is of Bhuloka You as Universal Parents have great concern for Bhumi-Vaasis sensitive to aberrations of ‘Arishad Vargas’ and maintain regulations of Universal Balance between Dharma and Adharma.

Sri V.D.N.Rao and Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham presents the Essence of Puranas in English, condensed by Sri. V.D.N.Rao, devotee of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. Compiled, Composed and Interpreted by V.D.N.Rao, Former General Manager, India Trade Promotion Organisation, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India The author can be contacted at