Devas and Trinity pray to Maha Bhagavati of ‘Nirguna’ and ‘Nirakara’

In their own multi-disciplinary method, the entire Deva community,blessed in the presence of Trinity, made Vows to perform extreme Tapasya to please Maha Bhagavati; some resorted to continuous recitation of Her thousands of Holy Names or Her seed mantras; some executed Chandrayana Vratas of consuming one meal a day by graually reducing the fist-wise intake by each passing day; some performed ‘Antar Yagna’s (Inner Sacrifices) or ‘Prana Agnihotra Yagna’ or transforming external fire sacrifice into Interior Prana or Life Energy (in other words, Fire Sacrifice of one’s Vital force). With such intense Tapasyas by Devas, Maha Bhagavati appeared and indicated that the menace of Takasura could be overcome only by Lord Kumara, the son of Maha Deva and Devi Parvati, who from Her own Shakti, would soon be born to King Himavanta. This blessing of Bhagavati was a mighty relief to all Devas who expressed their extreme gratitude to Her.They bowed to Her saying Om Tat Twamasi. [Om (‘A: Srishti or Creation; Sthithi: Protection; Laya: Destruction), Tat (That Awareness), Twam (Eternity), Asi:(‘I’ or self)]. In other words: The Awareness of that Great Eternal Energy is within the Self. The Eternal Energy is far beyond the Five Stages of Consciousness or Sheaths viz. ‘Annamaya’ (manifested or perceptible material dimension), ‘Pranamaya’ (energy dimension), ‘Manomaya’ (mind formed dimension arising out of thought, will and emotion), ‘Vijnanamaya’(dimension of experience) and ‘Anandamaya’(Final dimension of Bliss). The Three Phases of ‘Sat’, ‘Chit’, ‘Ananda’ or Wakefulness, Deep Sleep and ‘Samadhi’ are likened to’Tatvamasi’, thus Devas prayed to Devi Bhagavati.

Devi Bhagavati blessed the Devas and Trinity describing Herself as Nirguna and Nirakara but to facilitate the understanding of a Reality Being of Super Force, She assumed the Attributes and Shape of a Physical body so that Her Presence is anchored in the imagination of one’s mind. The Cover basically is Maya or a Make-Believe. Before Creation of the Universe, there was only the Supreme Energy and nothing else, which created Maha Maya or The Great Illusion of Existence. Maya interferes with the processs of Awakening the Reality; it is like the heat of fire, the rays of Sun, the coolnes of Moon, the force of Wind and so on. Paramatma or the Super Soul is at once identifiable in ‘Saguna’form or in ‘Nirguna’concept.The capacity to sift Reality from Illusion becomes enabled by Brahma Gyana which in turn emerges from ‘Chaitanya’ or Logic; this takes three forms viz. Icchha Sakti (the will), Jnana Shakti (where- with all), Kriya Shakti (the action be it in the form of meditation, Bhakti or Yoga). The ‘Sat Chit Ananda’ or the Reality Prompted Awakening of Bliss is the Final Reality! As Himavanta had the benefit of Bhagavati’s Appearance, She blessed him too with the boon of Girija becoming his daughter soon and the latter would be an Extension of Bhagavati, the Cause of Causes, the Entire Creation of Brahma, Vishnu and Siva down to each atom of which Himavanta, Girija Devi, Skand Kumara, and the Demon Tarkasura would all be the actors in the forthcoming drama. Himavanta requested Maha Devi to reveal Her Magnificent ‘Virat Rupa’or the Collossal Form and She obliged!

Sri V.D.N.Rao and Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham presents the Essence of Puranas in English, condensed by Sri. V.D.N.Rao, devotee of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. Compiled, Composed and Interpreted by V.D.N.Rao, Former General Manager, India Trade Promotion Organisation, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India The author can be contacted at [email protected]