Ekambaranathar Temple Kanchipuram (ஏகாம்பரநாதர் கோயில்)


Ekambareshwarar Temple Kanchipuram

The Ekambaranathar Temple Kanchipuram (ஏகாம்பரநாதர் கோயில்) is also called Kachi Ekambam, Ekambareswarar Temple or Arulmigu Kanchi Ekambaranathar Thirukoil, and is located in Kanchipuram Tamil Nadu.

This is one of five Shiva temples that represent the five elements – land, water, air, sky and fire, thus called the Pancha Bhoota Stalam (पन्च भूत स्थल). This temple represents Land, or Prithivi Lingam. This is also the first of the 32 Tevara Stalams in the Tondai region of South India (Tondai Nadu தொண்டைநாடு). The Pallavas, Cholas and the Vijayanagar Kings especially Krishna Deva Raya have contributed to the Ekambaranathar Temple. One attraction of the temple is the Aayiram Kaal Mandapam, or the “hallway with a thousand pillars”, which was built by the Vijayanagar Kings. The temple’s inner walls are decorated with an array of 1,008 Siva lingams.

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Kanchipuram is well connected with Chennai (76 kms) and Bengaluru. The nearest international airport is at Chennai.



(Photo Courtesy: Sriram from Kumbakonam, India)


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