Gauri goes to her Mother’s home, and Mahadevji goes after her



One day, Goddess Gauri (Parvati) was longing to go to her parent’s home. She went to Mahadevji (Lord Shiva), and asked him to send her to her parent’s home.

Mahadevji asked Gauri if someone had come from her parents house to pick her up. Gaurji said, my younger brother has come to pick me up, and I will go once you permit me to go. Lord Shiva asked her who would do the rituals of preparing food (Kasaar ke ladoo) for her journey, and who would apply Mehndi on her hands ? Gauri said, her younger co-sisters would prepare the ladoos, and her sister-in-law would apply mehndi on her hands.

Gaurji told Mahadevji that she would not go walking, but wanted to go on Shiva’s vehicle Nandi instead. Mahadevji refused, saying that Parvatiji was forgetful in nature, especially when she went to her mothers house. She would forget to feed Nandi. Parvatiji said she would not forget. She promised she would feed Nandi tender paan leaves (nagar bel), and make Nandi rest in the shade of the Banyan tree. Mahadevji permitted Gauriji to take Nandi and go. He also said, I am coming right after you.

Gaurji told Mahadevji that she did not want him to come along with her, as he was a yogi which was not a very pleasant sight, and people would not like it. she would feel ashamed of him. So she did not take him.

Mahadevji decided not to stay back. He decided to follow her. So he went to her in disguise. Mahadevji’s first disguise was as a bindi-waala and chudi-waala, someone who sold bindis and bangles. Gauri was with her friends. When they saw the nice attractive bindis and chudis, she and her friends decided to snatch the bindis and chudis. The bindi and chuddi waala remarked that this was a town where residents come and snatch wares from hawkers, and there is no law and peace in the town.

Mahadevji decided to go back again, this time disguised as a shoe-maker. He brought along shoe designs that seemed out of the world, studded with diamonds and emeralds. The shoes were extremely attractive. When Gaurji saw the shoes, she knew she just had to buy them. Parvatiji asked the shoe maker the price of the shoes. The shoe maker said the shoes were priceless, and she would not be able to afford them. Gauri still insisted. The shoe maker said, that the price of the shoes were having one meal together with the shoe maker.

Gaurji went back to her Mother’s house and prepared food for the shoe maker. She served food and then sat down to have food with the shoe maker. Gauri took one bite of the food. Then, the shoe maker took one morsel of food and ate it. Immediately, he transformed from the shoe maker to the original form of Mahadevji – Lord Shiva, Gauri’s husband.

Godess Gauri was shocked to see him. Mahadevji mocked her “You were ashamed to bring me along as I was in the form of a Yogi. But you are not feeling ashamed to eat food with a shoemaker.” Gauri got annoyed, and told Mahadevji that this is the type of prank he should play on his friends, and not on her.



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Indira Devi Saraswat