Interplay of Primary ‘Gunas’ causes Chandra’s Romance with Tara

Having explained the interplay of the three primary Gunas, Suanaka Muni described that the memorable Veda Vyasa himself was smitten by the desire of getting a child. In this context, he gave two relevant examples of obsessions experienced by Chandra for Tara and King Pururava for Urvasi to underline the fact that none is above the interplay of the three Gunas.

Brihaspati the Teacher of Demi-Gods had a beautiful wife named Tara. Once, Chandra (Moon) visited the house of Brihaspati the Guru and instantly fell in love with Tara, who too reciprocated her romantic feelings. In course of time, she deserted Brihaspati and moved into Chandra’s house. Brihaspati approached Chandra and counselled him that this romance with his own Guru’s wife was not only illegitimate but a blatant infringement of Dharma which would attract a sin tantamount to ‘Brahma Hatya’ or the murder of a Brahmana and asked Tara to be returned to him. Chandra declined to do so as Tara came away out of her own desire. Brihaspati visited Chandra again but the latter was adamant to return Tara saying that the couple were madly infatuated mutually.Brihaspati warned Chandra with dire consequences and approached Indra for redressal. Indra himself faced a situation similar but his role was as a cheat for masquerading Sage Gautama in Ahalya’s bed and received the curse to imprint genital marks all over his body. However his role was that of the Chief of Devas and despatched an intelligent emissary to Chandra Loka. The Representative advised Chandra to be sensible as he already had twenty eight beautiful Stars as his wives and even offered any of the Apsara Damsels to quench his lust.The Messenger returned to Indra empty handed and the latter decided to wage a war against Chandra Loka. Knowing of this incident, the Danava Guru Sukracharya, the arch-rival of Deva Guru Brihaspati, espoused the cause of Chandra and assured of the help of Demons in a possible war. Meanwhile Brahma Himself flew across by His ‘Hamsa Vahana’ (Chariot of Swan) to Chandra Loka and consequently Chandra let Tara return to Brihaspati, who was happy and excused Tara for her indiscretion. Tara a pregnant woman gave birth to a charming boy but Tara confirmed that he was Chandra’s own son and Chandra took away the child and named him ‘Budha’.

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