Maha Devi’s Physical features

Maharshi Veda Vyasa ventured to describe the splendorous outline of Her Image to King Janamejaya: Her Form was a mass of blistering dazzle, Her Charmingly Extraordinary Face was that of Maha Deva represented by ‘Tamoguna’; Her long and black Hair overhanging from Head to knees was like the Power of Yamaraja; Her three Eyes were the intensity and ferocity of ‘Agni’, the pupils being black, middle portion being white and the end of the eye balls being red; the two Eye Brows were black like ‘Sandhyas’ (twilights) curved like the arrows of Cupid; the two Ears created by Vayu or Air, Her Nose chiselled and attractive; teeth like gems of Daksha; lower lip like ‘Aruna’ the Charioteer of Sun and the upper lip after Lord Kartika; thighs and legs of Earth and Varuna; eighteen hands of Vishnu and red fingers like the glitter of Vasu Devatas.

Soon after The Maha Devi was formed, various presentations were made to Her by the Devatas: the Ocean of Milk gifted a pearl necklace and eternal red robes; Vishvakarma provided ornaments for each part of Her Physique never seen in the Universe earlier; Varuna presented flowers of everlasting fragrance and freshness as well as a Vijayanti garland on her chest; Mountain Himalaya a ferocious lion as Her Conveyance; Maha Vishnu gave a Chakra (Discus); Sankara a ‘Trisula’ (Trident); Agni (Fire) Deva gifted a ‘Sataghni’ Weapon; Conch by Varuna; Divine Bow and Arrows by Vayu Deva (Wind God); Yama God of Death a Sceptre; Indra his thundebolt; Brahma a ‘Kamandalu’a vessel of Holy Water Ganges; Kubera gifted a Drinking Cup of Gold and an everfresh Lotus; Varuna a ‘Pasa’ (A Destructive Rope) capable of rounding off hundreds of Demons together and Visvakarma a high voltage Kaumudi Mace and so on.

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