‘Maha Vakyas’ (Illustrious Statements) about Siva Gyan

Prajnam Brahma: Brahma is pure consciousness; 2)Aham Brahmasmi: I am Brahma; 3)Tatvamasi: That Tathvam is Me; 4)Ayamatma Brahma: This Atma is Brahma; 5)Isha-vasyamidam Sarvam: This entire Universe is in Eswara; 6)Praanosmi: I am Prana or Life 7)Prajnatma: Atma is Gyan or Knowledge; 8)Yevaha Thadmutra Yadmutra tha dinvah: Whatever is there, it is here and that which is here is there too; 9)Anyadeva thadvithadayo Aviditha dapi: That is beyond the Known and Unknown;10) Easha tha Antaratma antaryamrita: That Atma of yours is itself Antharyami and Amrita or inner consciousness and ever lasting; 11)Sa yaschayam Purusho yaschamavaditye sa ekah : Whatever exists in this person and Sun God is the same; 12)Ahamasmi Parabrahma param paratparam : I am Parabrahma myself; 13)Veda Sastra Guruthvath svapananda lakshanam: I am as happy as Guru who knows Vedas and Sastras; 14)Sarva bhutashitham Brahmat dehaha na samasyaha : Brahma who exists in all the beings, undoubtedly; 15)Tatvasya Pranohamasmi : I am the life of Tatvas and the Earth;16)Apam cha Praanohamasmi: I am the Life and water; 17)Vayoscha Pranohamasmi Akshasya Pranohamasmi: I am the Life of Wind and Sky 18)Trigunasya Pranohamasmi: I am the Life of Three Gunas 19)Sarvoha Sarvatmakoh Samsaro Yadbhut uccha bhavyam yadvarthamanam Sarvatmika tvad vithiyoham: I am the Universal Soul as also second to none in the past, present and future; 20)Sarvam khilvada Brahma: This is all Brahma Himself; 21)Sarvoha Vimuktoham : I am everything and free; 22) yo sowseeham hamsaha so hamasmi: I am present as a Swan.

Sri V.D.N.Rao and Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham

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