Why did Paramatma the Primeaval Force take to various Temporary Forms of existence!

The reply was simple: The Avyaktam Shasvatam Vishnum Anantam Ajamavyayam or the Imperciavable, Everlasting, All-Pervading, Endless, Unborn and Indestructible Supreme takes to different Forms as an ordinary Being as a Fish, Tortoise, Boar, Man-Lion, Midget, or a Full Human Being, depending on exigencies only to ensure Universal Equilibrium so that minimal Virtue was mainained and the permissible level of Evil was not crossed. The Holi Birds asserted: Yadaa yadaahi Dharmasya Glanirbhavati Jaiminey! Abhyudhaanamadharmasya tadaatmaanam srujatasyasou/ (As and when Dharma is distressed and Adharma is encouraged, Paramatma assumes an appropriate Form and corrects the imbalances in the Universe; some times as human being or other times as in any Form of Creation!)

Why did Draupadi consent tomarry all the Pandava Brothers together! Indra suspected danger to his position and killed Trishira the son of Sage Twashta.  The Sage went into a rage and plucked a strand of hair from his head and offered it homa kunda and by his mantrik power created the mighty Vritrasura with the specific mission to kill Indra. Indra already lost his sheen since he killed Trishira and requested Sapta Rishis to mediate for extending  his life. But Indra killed  Vritra too disregarding the pact between the Sapta Rishis and Twashta. These actions angered the Rakshasa community and Indra backed by Devas. Continuous warfare resulted in choas and harassment of Devas, Maharshis, Brahmanas, men, women and children. Bhu Devi experienced enormous weight of sin and made an appeal to Indra and Devas. As a result, Yuhishtara the eldest of Pandavas came to be born by Indra’s virility to Devi Kunti, Bheema was born  to Kunti as the radiance of Indra was passed through Vayu Deva; Indra gave away a part of his own Shakti to Kunti by means of which Arjuna was born; Indra’s virility was transferred through the two Ashwini Kumars to Devi Maadri to result in the birth of Nakula and Sahadeva. Thus Indra’s manliness was responsible to create the Pancha Pandavas by the ‘Amsha’of Indra either directly or through his Alternate Forms! Moreover, Indra’s wife Shachi Devi as the ‘Yagneshani’ was created from Agni and hence Draupadi was Indra’s better half. Yogeshwara Purusha Indra could divide his own radiance into as many parts as he wished. Thus, it was amply justified  that Draupadi was the common wife of all the Five Pandavas as asserted by the Holy Birds.

Why did Balarama atone for the sin of Brahma Hatya during his pilgrimage! Balarama the elder brother of Shri Krishna remained neutral during the Great Battle of Maha Bharata between Pandavas and Kauravas, mainly since Duryodhana of Kauravas, the arch enemy of Pandavas, was his disciple in Gada-Yuddha or the battle of Maces in which Bheema of Pandavas was an expert too. Along with his wife Devi Revati Balarama proceeded on pilgrimage for twelve years. In course of his travels, he consumed ‘toddy’ an intoxicant drink and entered a garden of flowers and fruits and enjoyed the atmosphere along with his wife. He entered a hermitage in the forest where there was a congregation of Brahmanas being addressed by Suta Muni. The entire congregation stood up in reverence of Balarama excepting a Brahmana as the latter realised that  Balarama was intoxicated.  Balarama became furious and killed the Brahmana as the congregation left in disgust at the tragedy. On recovering his senses Balarama realised his great folly and decided to atone for his Brahma hatya Sin as also observed fast during his further pilgrimage and later on worshpped Puloma Saraswati to pay for further penance.

Why were the defenceless sons of Draupadi killed in sleep! Once Sage Vishwamitra decided to harass King Harischandra, partly due to the long standing hatred of the King’s Raja Guru Sage Vasishtha but mainly to test the King for his virtue and truthfulness. Vishwamitra approached the King once and requested him to perform  one yagna and the latter readily agreed. The Sage said: ‘ Let us presume that the Yagna was already performed and the Dakshina was already due to the  Sage’. The King smiled and said that he was ready to give away the expenses for the Yagna and  also his Dakshina. The Sage said that the expenses would be on his terms viz. the entire kingdom excepting the Queen Shaibya and Prince Rohitasya. That would be in addition to the dakshina! As the King had suddenly become a pauper and was further indebted towards the payment of Dakshina, Viswamitra harassed Harischandra as he was asked to leave his Kingdom which was all over excepting Varanasi the Place of Shiva. The Muni appeared again and again asking  for the dues and the Five Lokapalakas sought to intervene as the persecution to Harischandra became uncontrolled. Vishwamitra cursed the Lokapalakas to be born as  human beings. The Lokapalakas were frightened and begged for clemency from the Muni. The Sage softened the curse thay they would not get entangled with the worldly affairs after their births and would be killed in sleep without much prolongation of life. It was due the curse of Vishwamitra to the Lokapalakas that Draupadi gave birth to the sons who were killed in sleep by Aswatthama, the son of Dronacharya. Ashswatthama wanted to avenge the killing of the Acharya by Arjuna as Yudhishtara shouted a blatant lie to the Acharya about Ashwathaama being killed but whispered that an elephant called Ashwatthama was killed; following this  Drona stopped the fight and let Arjuna kill the unarmed Drona too.   

Sri V.D.N.Rao and Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham

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