Bhringeswar Devalaya Sualkuchi Assam

Bhingeswar Devalaya Sualkuchi Assam

On the way to Sualkuchi village there is a small lane leads to this ancient temple on the foothill of Gandhamoan. Present temple is probably constructed by Siva Singha in 18th CE. There is turtle shaped big stone submerged in water for six months is the main place of worship. This temple is believed to be the oldest Shiva temple of the area.
There is a narrow path that leads to the Idol. The main shrines in the devalaya house a bell-metal Siva with five faces and Parbati on his lap, Kubera (God of riches), Dasabhuja Durga, Lakhmi-Narayan, Vishnu and Siva Linga – all reigning deities of the temple. On the way to the main shrine, there is a stone-cut Ganesha in this temple. The most special feature of this temple is that both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sacrifices are offered here.