Outlines of Manvantaras, ‘Prithvi’ (Earth) and of ‘Sapta’ (Seven) Dwipas

As Lord Brahma created the Manasa Putras, there was a blue coloured boy lying on his lap crying softly and asked Brahma to give him a name; Brahma gave him the name of Rudra and asked the child not to cry further; but the boy cried seven times more and hence Brahma gave him further seven names viz. along with the names of his wives and places of stay as follows: Bhava, Sharva, Ishaana, Pashupati, Bhima, Ugra and Maha Deva. The names of Rudra’s wives are Suvarchala, Uma, Vikeshi, Swadha, Swaha, Dik, Diksha, and Rohini. The ‘sthaanas’ or Places of Stay of Rudra are Surya, Jal, Prithvi, Agni, Vayu, Akash, Dikshit, Brahmana and Soma. Besides, Rudra’s another name sake Surya has eight sons viz.Shaneswar, Shukra, Lohitanga, Manojava, Shanda, Sarga, Santan and Bhudha. Rudra also has Sati as his wife but due her anger with her father, Daksha Prajapati, she ended her mortal life but Bhagavan Bhava wedded Devi Parvati, the daughter of King Himavan.

Manasa Putra Sage Bhrigu and his wife Khyati gave birth to two sons, Dhaata and Vidhaata. Mountain King Meru’s daughters, Ayaati and Niyati were wedded to Dhaata and Vidhata. Ayaati gave birth to a boy named Praan and another boy of Niyati to Mrikandu. Sage Markandeya was born to Manaswini and Mrikandu and the Sage gave the name of his son as Vedashira. Angirasa Muni married Smriti and their daughters were Sinivali, Kuhu, Raka and Anumati.

Sage Atri and the illustrious Anasuya gave birth to Soma, Durvasa and Dattatreya. Pulastya Muni and Preeti gave birth to Dutta and Dambholi. Prajapati Puhal and his wife begot three sons viz. Kardama, Arvira and Sahishnu. Ritu and wife Sannati got sixty thousand Balakhilyaganas. Urjva and Vasishtha gave birth to seven sons named Raja, Gaatra, Urdhvabaahu, Sabala, Anagha, Sutapa, and Shukra who are all known as Sapta Rishis.Agni was the eldest son of Brahma and his wife Swaha gave birth to mighty three sons viz. Paavak, Pavamaan, and Suchi who were the constant drinkers of water and they had forty sons; Agni’s grand sons numbering forty nine included four Pitras viz. Agnishvaakta, Barhishad, Anagni and Saagni. From these Pitras, there were two daughters named Vaidharini and Mena who were great Brahma -vaadinis and Yoginis.

Sri V.D.N.Rao and Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham

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