Dashamadhyaaya: Kamakoti Sthala Nirnaya

JagatkaaranaKalaakaaramNaabhisthaanamBhuvahparam, Padapadmasya Kamaakshya Maapeetha mupaasmahey/

(Maharshi Markandeya greeted Shri Kamakshi’s Maha Peetha where she rested her feet which was hailed as the Prapancha Kamakalaakaara or the Place of Fulfillmemt of Universal desires and the navel of Bhumi and narrated the further narration to King Suratha).

To the East of Kaanchinagara’s Sweta Prabha Vishnu, there was Kshetraangikaa Durga and to her Southern direction was ‘Simhachala’and to the laatter’s West was ‘Gayaadharohana Tirtha’; to complete a Deergha Chaturasra the afore mentioned Sweta Vishnu resided to the North of the Gayaadharohana Tirtha. At the Central Point of these Deergha Chatusasra was the Pancha Shara Sadana. Hence Kanchipuramadhya Pradesha was known as Kamakoshtha where recitation of any Mantra or Prayer would have the effect multiplied by a crore! That was the reason why the Kama Koshtha Pradesha came to be popularised as Kamakoti!

From Kshetraangi Durga to the Nirruti direction was situated Shankudhara Ganapati who was worshipped by Deva Shilpi Vishwakarma and had his Vaastu Shuddhi passed by Ganapati before undertaking the ‘Shanku Sthapana’ or laying the Foundation Stone and intiated the construction of Kancheepura. From the Shanku to the West was Kumarakoshtha where Skanda instructed the Pranava Mantra to Brahma. Ugra Rupa Maha Durga, a Graama Devata, was installed to Shanku and Brahma Deva worshipped her. To the North of Shanku was Andonikaa Durga who was an Expert in Dhanur Vidya whom Shankara worshipped. Not far from there was Pancha Sandhika Durga who accepted ‘Bali’ or Sacrifices and removed obstacles. Around the Shanku were Peethaavarti Durga who killed Trishiraasura in the past; Durvaa Varna Vishnu whom Lakshmiworshipped and secured Manmatha as the son; Trivikrama Vishnu whom Adi Sesha worshipped to provide him strength to bear the weight Bhu Devi; Madhu Murti Vishnu who rained Madhu at noon time; Kaalaangu Vishnu whom Shiva prayed and secured progeny; Bhattaarakeshwara Shiva to whom Brahma prayed and analysed Vedas; Phanaadhara Shiva who as a Sarpa assumed blue colour of his hoods by the Dwadasha Surya’s rays; Phaneesha who protected Naagaas from the Sons of Devi Kadru like Garutmanta; Kancheeshwara Shiva whom Brahma, Shaasta or Devasenaani, Kacchapa, Chandika, Kumara Swami, Sanatkumara, and Devas prayed to.

From Kancheshwara to the Vaayavya was situated ‘Tapo Vesha Dhaarini Kamakshi’; Annapurna who in the past relieved hunger of the residents of Kaashi during ‘ Kshaama’ and any body prayed her by three Pradakshinas through the Dharma Dwaara would be fulfilled of their wish; Santana Stambha which was circumambulated by Vaivaswata Manu and was blessed with excellent progeny; Pancha Tirtha which was famed as generated from Shiva’s Pancha Mukha bestowing Snaanas on Fridays would yield Gadavari Snaana; Gaayaadhirohana Tirtha which enabled King Yayati to attain ‘Sasharira Mukti’and its snaana on Thursdays would fetch Sindhu Nadi Snaana; Siddha Tirtha which blessed Sanat Kumara to relieve himself of a Shaapa and its Snaana on Sundays would provide Reva Nadi Snaana; Chakra Tirtha which helped Karta Veeryaarjuna to obtain back his original Form and its Snaana during Purvaphalguni Star would achieve Gandaki Snaana; thus Kamakoshtha possessed one Ganeshwara, one Shanmukha, four Durga swarupas, four Vishnu Forms, Five Rudra Swarupas, and four Devi Tirtha. The Central Region of Kanchi was called Shripura, Kamakoshtha, Kamakoti, Bhadra and Jeevan Mukta.

In the past there was a Brahmana named Jagannadha who was a Rigvedaadhyaayi at Kundini nagara on the banks of Ganga but was a sinner of unpardonable deeds like Gohatya and meat eating. Once a traveller from Kamakoshtha arrived at Kundini and Jagannadha helped the traveller with a little amount and with that money spent a few days at Kundini and returned back to Kamakoshtha. After some time, Jagannadha died and Yamabhatas were taking him away to Yamapuri. But under instructions from Devi Kamakshi, her soldiers brought the Soul of Jagannadha and reached Devi’s feet. But Yamadharma arrived to convince Devi that the Brahmana was a great sinner having lived a highly disgusting life. The Devi explained that a Tourist visited Kundini Nagar from Kamakoshtha and Janannadha gave away some money to him with the aid of which the tourist stayed at Kundini leading a very frugal life and returned to Kamakoshtha; meanwhile Jagannadha died and Yamabhatas were taking him away; but on Devi’s instruction Deviganaas brought Jagannadha to Shripura which was Devi’s abode; whosoever travelled from Shripura, Kamakoshta, or any of Devi’s Abodes to outside elsewhere, would be Devi’s own persons and in this specific case Devi herself was the traveller to Kundini and Jagannadha donated some amount with which the Tourist lived at Kundini frugally.

Hence any traveller from Kanchi Kshektra to any where should be considered as of ‘Kamakshi Swarupaas.

Sri V.D.N.Rao and Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham

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