Ekaadashaadyaaya: Exaltation of Kamakoti Bila

GaatrimanthapaadhaaramNaabhistaanamBhuvahPuram, Purushaartha pradam Shambhor bilaabhram tramaamyaham/

(Markandeya hailed the ‘Bilaakaasham’which was the hold of Gayatri Mandapa and the Central Point of Bhumi as her navel and was Purushaarthaas that Shiva provided to humanity).

From Kama Koshtha Siddha Tirtha’s Ishaanya there was the Kamakoti Maha Bila (The Great Sacred Cave of Desires) which was the Sukshma Tapasthaana likened to the Naabhi (navel) of Bhumi, the Loka Janma Sthaana and Parama Shiva’s Physique.That also was the Point of Creation of Shripura, Tri Murtis, Dikpalakas, Sarva Lokas and Dharani (Earth) in the Form of a Cow. This Maha Bila was the Cause of Causes, Deva Swarupa and Kama Koti Sangjna (Emblem). If any Being desired of anything under the Sky near the Bila those wishes were fulfilled instantly and the Bila was thus the famed as the Kamakoti Bila the Unique Provider of Purusharthaas or the of Dharma-Artha- Kaama-Moksha or the Supreme Human Aspiations or Desires. Kamakshi was stated to have provided ‘Kama’ to Kameshwara who literally had no Kama since he was Linga heena! Markandeya narrated as to how Maha Deva became Linga Heena. In the past, Maha Deva assumed the Form of a Youthful and highly attractive Nomad and entered Daruka Vana which was the Residence of Maharshis and their families. The Maha Munis were Vedadhyaayis, Nitya Yagjnaadi Kartas always leading a highly austere and disciplined life. But Parama Shiva decided to teach a lesson to them that merely following a methodical life was not enough but they should expose themselves to the influnces of life and then be able to overcome them instead of shunning them outright. But in the process, the womanhood of Daruka Vana was so deeply attracted to the youthful Jangama that the Munis who were angry, confronted him and forced him to drop his male organ thus he became ‘linga heena’. Henceforth, Linga Puja became Universal. The Munis realised their mistake but in a way Linga Pujaabhisheka came to stay as a means of enabling human beings to worship a Symbol and attain Moksha.

Meanwhile a Rakshasa named Bandhaka pleased Brahma by means of difficult Tapasya for long time and became invincible by his boons; he not only defeated Devas but even disturbed Maha Deva at Kailasa. Devas had to leave Swarga and reached Gomukha Kshestra; from there they left for Maha Bila and as though from Aditi’s Garbha-exited from the Kama Koshta Bila. Mid-way of the Bila, they visioned Kama Koteeshwari Maha Tripura Sundari and requested her to relieve them of their difficulties on account of the deeds of Bandhaka. As they came out of the Bila, they met Shiva and enquired him about the Darukaavana’s incident as also reported to him about the reason of leaving Swarga.Then Maha Deva addressed Devas as follows: ‘This Bhu Devi is Brahma Putri and in the Swarupa of a Cow bears the brunt of the whole Universe; Gomukha is Bhumi’s mouth, Shri Pura is her Shira, Himalaya her throat, Kedaara her Udara or stomach , Varanasi her backbone , Kamalaalaya her bottom, and in the middle of Kanchi is her Kama Koshtha. He stated that he too passed through the Maha Bilwa and as such he was rid of Maharshis’ Shaapa of Linga Heenata and regained his original position as he was purified fully with his malehood. As far as the difficult times that Devas were passing through, Shiva stated that birth as a human being that too as a Brahmana was very difficult to achieve and one should avail of the opportunity by performing worthy deeds; the best among such deeds would be the entry and passage of the Maha Bila; since they too passed through the Holy Bila, they should certainly tide over the present crisis caused by the Rakshasa Bandhaka.Then Devas were delighted by what Maha Deva assured and then performed Bila Pradakshinas again and again.

Markandeya gave the example of Brahmana called Balabhadra who was a resident of the banks of River Narmada who had a lovely wife named Vajreshwari. But Balabhadra became a victim of desire for other women and of venereal diseases. He performed charity of cows, gold and Bhumi and spent considerable money to get cured but to no avail. Then another Brahmana took pity on the victim and informed him of the Mahtamya of the Kama Koshtha Bila; he reached the bila, performed hundred Pradakshinas a day and got fully cured of his diseases. On returning to his town, Balabhadra was extremely happy and having enjoyed long and healthy life died when ‘Devi dutaas’ transported him toDevi Loka. The Maharshi blessed all the readers of this Chapter of Kamakshi Vilasa about the Maha Bila Mahatmya.

Sri V.D.N.Rao and Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham

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