Dhruva the immortal

Swayambu Manu’s son King Uttanapada married to Suniti and Suruchi and the respective sons were Dhruva and Uttama. The younger wife and son dominated the King. Once Dhruva desired to sit on his father’s lap as his cousin too did, the younger queen prevented Dhruva and talked insultingly and the father remained passive. The young mind of Dhruva was badly hurt and he walked off to his mother who expressed her helplessness and said that only Bhagavan N arayana could help.The disgusted boy entered a nearby forest where he encounterd Sapta Rishis and conveyed his anguish that he was not able to sit on his father’s lap. The Rishis unanimouly advised that he could sit on ‘Moksha Pada’ or the Seat of the Supreme, let only on his father’s lap provided he could worship Narayana relentlessly and please Him. Dhruva requested the Rishis to teach him as to how to worship and in one voice gave him the Upadesha and the Mantra of Om Namo Vaasudevaaya Shuddha Jnana Swarupiney. Armed with the method of puja and Japa, Dhruva entered a forest named Madhubana on the banks of River Yamuna, where subsequently Shatrughna of Ramayana killed Daitya Madhu’s son Lavanasura. The young Dhruva performed Dhyana and Puja of Narayana with enormous concentration and dedication for years together ; so much so that as a single legged Dhruva leaned to the left, Bhumi too got tilted and vice versa and in the process, Rivers-Samudras and Parvatas got disturbed. Indra utilised all kinds of gimmicks to advise, tempt, frighten and subdue the young Dhruva but to no avail. Finally, delegations of Devas prayed to Janardana but the latter assured that the boy had no ambitions to dislodge any of them of their positions including those of Indra, Surya, Varuna or Kubera and none of them needed to fear on that count. Finally, Bhagavan appeared before Dhruva and asked him to terminate his Tapasya. Dhruva prostrated before Narayana, Dhruva was elevated to heights of trance; he requested Narayana to reveal himself which no Parama Yogi or Maharshi ever realised. Maha Vishnu granted Dhruva the vision of his Brihad Swarupa and bestowed to him the unique ‘Dhruvasthaana’-the Permanent Place on the Sky even above the Lokas of Chandra, Surya, Mangala, Budha, Brihaspati, Shukra, Shani Grahas, and even above the Places of Nakshatras, Sapta Rishis and Devas. Vishnu assured that while Devas would have the longevity of only Four Yugas and a few only of Manvantaras, Dhruva was granted existence for a full Kalpa! He called Dhruva’s mother also to occupy the position of a Nakshatra near Dhruva Loka as she was indeed the very first to inspire Dhruva towards Narayana!

King Vena and Prithu Chakravarti
In the lineage of Chakshusa Manu and the Puru Vamsha were Angira and his wife Sunita the daughte Mrityu who gave birth to King Vena. In the beginning, Vena’s kingship was normal but eventually he ordered that none should perform Yagnas to Devas but to himself. He was so conceited that he claimed himself as a symbol of bravery, victory and unparalleled knowledge. He enacted Regulations verging on sacrilege and sought them to be enforced. For long time, the Subjects suffered him with hatred but the sages revolted and a day arrived when he was imprisoned; in fact Maharshi Atri the Kula Guru spearheaded the popular uprising. They churned his thighs and there emerged an ugly and Frightful ‘Kaala Swarup’which was stated to have misdirected his behaviour despite his glorious ancestry. However when they rubbed his right shoulder, there was a sparkling and imposing Figure materialised with bow and celestial arrows donning a Kavacha or a Body Safeguard.

The new King Prithu picked up speedy popularity as he proved be an ideal and virtuous Administrator endeared by Maharshis and commoners alike. In course of time there were no problems owing to physical ailments, mental tensions and even of natural calamities in the Society. This was the first King ever who performed Rajasuya Yagna. It was this illustrious Emperor who controlled Bhumi (Earth); the latter took the Form of a Cow and sought to run away as was she was expected too much from her by various sections of the Universe. But Pruthu Chakravarti (literally he whose chariot wheels move forward swiftly without being interrupted by any opponent party) however chased and forced her to yield maximum milk to one and all in the form that they desired it. Pruthu himsel milked her having converted Swayambhu Manu as the calf and made her yield food grains to all, while in regime of Vena the staple food was of flowers and fruits. Various sections of the world milke the material as they desired; for instance, Rishis converted Chandra as a calf, Brihaspati as the milkman, Tapomaya Brahma as the milk and Vedas as the container to fill up the milk; Devatas made Indra as the calf, Surya as the milkman and ‘’Pushtikaahara’ or healthy food as milk; Pitru Devatas requested Yamadharma Raja as the calf, Antaka Deva as the milk man and ‘Swadha’as the milk; Nagas selected Takshaka as the calf, Iravata Serpent as the milkmen and Visha (Poison) as the milk; Asuras appointed Mathu Daitya as the milkman, Virochana as the calf and Maya (Illusions) as the milk; Yakshas preferred Kubera as the calf, Rajananaabha Yaksha as the milkman and ‘Antardhaana Vidya’ or the Art of Disappearance as the milk; similarly all other species selected their own Milkmen and calves and Gandharvas opted milk in the form of fragrance; Rakshasas opted for blood, Mountains preferred ‘Aoushadhis’ and soon thus satisfying every one in his governance!

Sri V.D.N.Rao and Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham

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