Gopeswar Devalaya Assam (गोपेश्वर देवालय)

Gopeswar Devalaya

Gopeswar should not be confused with Gopiswar of Vrindawan. Gopeswar is meant here as Gupteswar or Hidden God.  There is a legend about the place: there was a meeting of Gods regarding Kamdev and Rati affair, Lord Shiva was called to head the meeting but he was not interested. He disappeared with Devi Parvati  in the place, hence it is known as Gupteswar or Gopeswar. Place is also known as Devadwar because all Gods came through the way for meeting. Temple is located in Shighari Hillock in a cave. There is no Ling; however a symbolic metal plate is being worshiped, a pond opposite and a Devi temple beside the cave beautify the place.
It is located on the way to Baheta Charali on the north bank of Brahmputra in Kamrup district. It is one of the registered sites of Archiological heritage of India. There is an office, priests and many devotees visit specially on Monday.