Mrityunjaya Mahadevji Temple Varanasi

This temple of Lord Shiva is situated in Maidagin, Varanasi. The temple is believed to ward off untimely death from its devotees.

Just beside the Mrityunjaya Mahadev Temple is a well of much religious importance. Its water is said to be a mixture of several underground streams and good for eliminating several diseases. It is also called Apa Mrityu Hareshwar. According to another popular myth Dhanvantri the father of Ayurveda poured all his medicines in this well, so its water is sacred and eliminates several diseases.

Mrityu means Death, Jay means Victory. Hence, Mrityunjaya is Victory over Death. aims to be the World’s Largest depository of information about Lord Shiva, providing details about temples, stories, publications and photos for your use, and onward distribution.