Daksha married away twenty seven of his daughters to Chandra (Moon) but Chandra had great infatuation for Rohini to the neglect of other wives. Daksha warned Chandra but to avail. Finally Daksha cursed Chandra who appealed to Brahma who in turn asked Chandra to perform Tapasya to Siva. Chandra observed penance at Prabhasa on the banks of River Sarasvati. On His appearance Siva sorted out the problem with a compromise that the first bright fortnight of a month (Sukla Paksha) Moon would wax and the ‘Krishna Paksha’ Moon would wane. He also blessed Moon to be near Him and Parvati always. Being a ‘Sparsha’(Touch) Jyotirlinga-Somachandra would remove away all physical ailments viz. tuberculosis and leprosy and bathing in the Water body ‘Chandra kund’ washes off all the sins committed by human beings. Known as Prabhat Kshetra [near Veraval in Kathiawad District of Saurashtra in Gujarat], Lord Krishna is believed to have performed his Leelas (Miracle Acts). [An ever burning light in a cave of the Temple is witnessed till date].

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