Jaimini’s doubts on ‘Mahabharata’ clarified by the Holy Birds


Sage Jaimini’s first doubt was that while Paramatma happened to be the Cause of Causes and the root of Creation, Preservation and Destruction, why He took a human form as an ordinary person subject to birth, death and such other qualities in Maha Bharata as well as in other incarnations! The Birds replied as follows:
Namaskruthya Sureshaya Vishnavey Prabhavishnavey,
Purushaayaprameyaaya Shasvathaavyayay cha/
Chaturvyuhaatmaney Thasmai Trigunaayaagunaaya cha,
Varishtha garishtaaya Varenyaamrithaya cha/
Yasmaadanutaram naasti yasmaannasti bruhattaram,
yena vishvamidam Vyaptamajena Jagadaadina/
aavirbhavathirobhaava drushtaadrushta vilakshanam
Vadanthi Yashpashtamidam tathaivaanthey cha samstitham/

(Our salutations to Suresha, Vishnu, Prabhavishnu, the All-pervading, the Most Potent, the Supreme Soul, the Eternal and Endless, the ‘Chaturvyuhaatmaka’, the Unimaginable, the Triguna with three features of Satva, Rajas and Tamas, as also the Nirguna or devoid of Features; the Senior Most, the Choicest, the Indestructible, the Concept of the Tiniest and the Collossal, the Creator and Destroyer, the Seen and Unseen, the Totality yet the Finality).The Birds stated further that the Foremost Form of the Supreme is ‘Naara’ or Water and ‘Ayan’or the Abode- thus ‘Narayan’ was of ‘Vyaktaavyakta’ Form or the Definable in a Murthi Form legible only to Yogis and yet Undefinable with no Form or Shape. The Second Form is of the Dweller of Patala Loka viz. the Sesha or ‘Sankarshana’ who bears on His Head the entire Prithvi or the Earth and is essentially of ‘Tamasic’ Feature. The Third Form is of ‘Satvic’ Nature represented by Lord ‘Pradyumna’ who is the Originator and Creator of the Universe. The Fourth ‘Swarup’ is of Lord ‘Anirudha’of Rajasic Guna who sustains the Universe and administers Dharma (Virtue) and ensures that the Evil in the World is destroyed; the Birds thus explained to the Sage Jaimini in reference to his query:
Yada Yadahi dharmasya Glanirbhavati Jaiminey,
Abhuthhaanamadharmasya thadaatmaanam Srujasthyasow/
Bhutva pura Varaahena thundenaapo nirasyacha,
Ekaya damshtrotkhataa Nalineeva Vasumdhara/
Krutva Nrisimha rupancha Hiranyakashipu hatah,
Viprachitthi Mukhaswaanye danava vinipaatitah/
Vamanadeem stathivaananyanna samkhyaatu- mihotsah,
Avataraamscha tasyeha Maathuraha Sampratamtwayam/

Hey Jaiminey! As and when Dharma is distressed and Adharma is encouraged, Paramatma takes a Form and creates the Self as an Incarnation; the Supreme Self assumed the Form of a Varaha (Boar) rescued Prithvi from sinking depths of water by its single tusk as though a lotus is gently plucked and retained in her original position; the same Vishnu assumed the Form of Nrisimha (Man-Lion) and exterminated the Demon Hiranyakasipu; He killed Viprachitti and other Danavas in a similar fashion; He also took the Incarnation of Vamanadevaand such other Forms as and when the needs demanded; in the instant case during the time of ‘Mahabharata’, the Lord took the Form of Shri Krishna; indeed Pradyumana Murthi creates Himself in whatever Form that He deems fit either as a human being or in any other Incarnation.

Sri V.D.N.Rao and Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham

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