Queen Madalasa confers Kingship to Alarka

Besides Raja Dharma, Varnashrama Dharma and Grihasta Dharma, Devi Madasala taught to her son Alarka about the details of ‘Nithya Naimittika Shraddha Dharma’, ‘Paarvana Shraddha Dharma’, and ‘Prashasthaapratishtha’ Dharmas in the context of Shraaddhaas; Sadaachaara Varnana, Varjyaavarjya concepts etc. and thus made him an erudite scholar as a model King, an ideal Kshatriya and a warrior. The parents got him married and blessed him to prove himself as a perfect Grihasta too.  Since Ritudhwaja retired to ‘Vaanaprastha’ already, she too desired to join him in the forests and decided to make Alarka the King by ignoring her other elder sons, as their worth was by far the less compared to the unusual training and receptive capacity of Alarka. Queen Madalasa therefore presented a golden ring and blessed him to become an illustrated King and told him that there would be difficult circumstances to be faced in the discharge of his duties but due to the knowledge that he acquired so far would indeed stand him in good stead. However, should there be extraordinary and most complicated crises to be faced, then he might open the ring and read the minutely written letters of advice and follow the same. King Alarka then reigned for several years as a King of Virtue and fame, without favour or fear and his eldest brother, Subahu who went to forests already, came to know that his younger brother was proving well he became proud of him. But soon enough Subahu got jealous and became a victim of his associate Kasiraj whose machinations and divisive politics gradually thinned down the financial and other strengths of King Alarka who had indeed reached a really critical position in his administration. That was the time when Alarka remembered his mother’s advice to open the minute letters scripted inside the ring that she gave him. As he opened the script, the advice of his mother was very clear: Sangah sarvaatmanaa thyajyah sa chetyaktum na shakyathey (If you are not capable, then exit the Society!).The Inscription further said: If you are not able to leave the Society, then you should join the Sadhus (righteous men), since the company of Sadhus alone would prove to be your medicine.

Sri V.D.N.Rao and Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham

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